The planned sets and their status

Circus Maximus - Complete
Roman Racing Chariot - Complete
Roman House - Complete
Roman Temple - Complete
Roman Amphitheatre - Complete
City Garden - Complete
Arch - Complete
Roman Barracks - Complete
Legion - Complete
Roman Bireme - Complete
Aqueduct (modular)Complete
Roman Bath - Complete

Merchant Ship - Complete
Supplementary Plates - Complete
City walls (modular) - Complete

Project Closed

Other sets as Idea:

Small House (with modular garden or wineyard)
Roman Port


Oliver Richards said...

Other ideas:
1. Basilica - Center of any Roman City.
2. Palace - A place for your emperor to relax :).
3. Senate House - Where Rome passed all its laws, and a great addition to any city.
4. Tenement Apartment - For the poorer of your roman citizens.
Your sets look great and you really should keep up the good work. An idea for the market is that maybe you could make it look like the Trajan markets.

bigboy99899 said...

Thanks for the ideas.

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