L.M.I.R. Roman House

A Roman villa was originally a Roman country house built for the upper class during the Roman Republic.

The house has two floors. You can detach the roof and the 2nd floor. The rooms are:

atrium - formal entrance hall
cubiculum - small room; bedroom
culina - kitchen
exedra - garden room
peristylium - colonnaded garden
taberna - shop
tablinum - office; study
triclinium - dining room
vestibulum - entrance hall




john Tumicki said...

please post lxf

bigboy99899 said...

Maybe later (Ideas project)

Unknown said...

it has expired already

bigboy99899 said...

Hi! I would like to rebuild them, some changes are necessary, but lack of spare time. Sorry.

Thomas Hubbard said...

Can I get the LDD? I would love to build this project and add to my collection...

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