L.M.I.R. Roman Bath

In ancient Rome, Thermae and balnea were facilities for bathing. Thermae usually refers to the large imperial bath complexes, while balneae were smaller-scale facilities (like this set), public or private, that existed in great numbers throughout Rome. Most Roman cities had at least one, if not many, such buildings, which were centres not only for bathing, but socializing. They were supplied with water from an adjacent river or stream, or more normally, by an aqueduct. The water could be heated by a log fire before being channelled into the hot bathing rooms.


The layout:
Entrance Hall
Apodyterium (dressing room)
Frigidarium (cold bath)
Tepidarium (warm bath)
Caldarium (hot bath)
Small Caldarium
Sudatorium (sweating room)
Small Pool
Massage/Resting room
Atrium (with large pool)

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